Samsung Copying • Nokia to Benefit? • Amazon Web Services Impact • Amazon Prime Popularity • Zero-day Java Exploit • Tech News in Brief • 3D Printed Shoes and Airplanes

3D OpenSource Plane Render

MakerPlane is an open source aircraft project with 3D printed parts.
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Samsung Copying • Nokia to Benefit? • Amazon Web Services Impact • Amazon Prime Popularity • Zero-day Java Exploit • Tech News in Brief • 3D Printed Shoes and Airplanes

Even considering the $1.05B Verdict, Copying Has Paid Off for Samsung

This article argues that Samsung’s strategy to copy from Apple’s iPhone design was successful. In the period since the iPhone launched, Samsung is the only Apple competitor to consistently realize growing profits—some $25 billion worth. If Samsung has to pay out $3 billion in damages, it will have still done much better than any other Apple competitor in the smartphone market.


Influential blogger Robert Scoble independently made the same point that Samsung’s best strategy was to copy Apple.


Nokia May Benefit from Samsung Verdict

As the smartphone wars become increasing litigious, Nokia, with 10,000+ mobile-related patents in its portfolio is well positioned. During the recent Apple v. Samsung trial, Apple lawyers displayed a Nokia Windows phone as an example of how a company can innovate in the smartphone space without copying Apple. Now Nokia is increasing its efforts to profit from its patents.

Wall Street Journal

As GigaOM points out: when Nokia and Apple went to court, Nokia effectively won.


The Impact of Amazon Web Services

This informative article focuses on the businesses that Amazon’s estimated $1 Billion Web Services division has enabled. Start-ups, relieved of the burden of acquiring and maintaining their own computing infrastructure, can focus on innovative business concepts including climate modeling for crop insurance, photo sharing, massive online learning, on-demand video,

New York Times

Amazon Prime 2 Day Shipping is Tops

Amazon’s Prime 2 Day Shipping option now accounts for more volume than it’s slower free delivery option. This indicates that a significant proportion of customers are opting for the $79 per year prime program, supplying a nice consistent revenue stream for Amazon.

The Next Web

Zero-day Java Exploit Spreading like Wildfire

All the security blogs are warning about this new serious Java exploit and even recommending that users uninstall Java.

Sophos Naked Security Blog

Tech News in Brief

  • First Windows Phone 8 Handset Announced, From Samsung
    The Verge
  • Google: Samsung Verdict Doesn’t Apply to Stock Android
  • Google Wallet to challenge iPhone Passbook by storing ID, boarding passes, and more
  • Google Study: 90% of media consumption is happening across multiple devices and smartphones are the most common starting point from online activities
  • Half of All Mobile Phones will be Smartphones by 2013
  • Estimate: One-third of all consumer reviews on the internet are fake
    New York Times
  • Barry Diller’s IAC is buying from New York Times Co. $300 million in cash
  • IBM Introduces new zEC12 Mainframe Line
    New York Times
    Ars Technica
  • The 10TH Annual Space Elevator Conference

Just One More: 3D Printing Twofer Today

For Fashionistas: 3D Printed Shoes


For AvGeeks: 3D Printed airplane


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