Exploring the hidden valleys of Yangshuo China

Exploring the hidden valleys of Yangshuo China

I’m Thomas Crook, a technologist and travel aficionado. I’ve spent a couple of decades doing software engineering and product management for aircraft systems, universities, and online A/B & MVT testing systems. I’ve worked at some cool places including Lockheed Aerospace, a world class startup called Memetrics, Cornell University and Microsoft. I’m now at Expedia and I love working in travel tech.

When I started working at Expedia. I set about to further educate myself on travel by following industry news sources. Since I was collecting all this information, I decided to share the news and my comments, first in a regular email with colleagues at work and now with the general public via this blog.

Why you may want to read this blog

The purpose of TravelTekker.com is to share, explain and critique the most relevant, inspiring and cool travel technology developments. I filter through hundreds of items and post and comment only on the ones that meet my bar. I help readers understand the latest developments around the intersection of technology and travel, including:

  • Interesting industry news
  • new developments in travel apps and websites
  • lodging technology
  • aviation technology

Finally, I believe that regardless of why we travel, travel can and should result in personal growth and enjoyment. Travel should enrichen us and our relationships to the people and world around us. For this, I include items related to travel inspiration and aspiration, like travel photos and links to great travel blogs.

The opinions expressed here are strictly my own and do not reflect those of my employer.

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