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EAN is not a Beast

Interesting opinion piece in Tnooz: in response to an earlier article that called OTAs like Expedia and Priceline “The Beast,” Sean Miller, CEO of, explains how his organization has partnered with Expedia Affiliate Network to run a profitable well-designed site.


U.S. Fines TripAdvisor for Wrong Font Size

Web designers take note: U.S. government regulations require that fare totals be in a larger font size than fare components. Designers at TripAdvisor were apparently ignorant of this fact and it’s costing the company $80,000 in fines, with $40,000 to be returned if TripAdvisor can refrain from such egregious naughtiness for a year.

Travel Weekly

Consumers Willing to Pay More for Higher Rated Hotels

This article on hotel revenue maximization notes that consumers will pay more for highly rated properties. Hoteliers can use multiple distribution channels, with different commission rates, to reach different audiences. It finally notes that increasing hotel website conversion will increase revenue, (which it patently obvious).


Building a Travel App on a Budget

Novice travel agent Debbie Newcomer has built “All Resort Search,” an all-inclusive resort search app, for $3000 and a few months of her time. She saw an unmet need and met it using a very simple uncluttered design. Here’s wishing her success.

Travel Kit on

Wikitravel Editors moving to Wikimedia Foundation Site?

Wikitravel started out in 2003 as a free Wikipedia-like site with devoted to travel content produced by volunteers. In 2006 it was purchased by for-profit company Internet Brands. Now rumor has it that the volunteer editors of the site may move to a Wikimedia Foundation project. (Wikimedia is the non-profit parent of Wikipedia). Several sites first reported the move as underway, but Wikimedia has put a clarification that it has not yet decided whether to go ahead with a travel project, although it is considering it.

“Experiential Travel” Offers Bragging Rights

What’s a travel braggart to do? Exotic destinations are easily accessible today and social media makes it easy for anyone to share their adventures online. Travel companies are meeting the demand for unique vacations by offering “Experiential Travel” packages that emphasize unique experiences, such as spending time with local shamans or celebrity chefs. There’s even an online experiences site to connect locals offering experiences with travelers: Vayable aims to be the “AirBnB of experiences.”

Fortune Features

The 7.5 Million Mile Family

The Disberger family shares tips on how a middle-class family can enjoy and afford to make an average of 11 family trips per year over 20 years.

“Some people have a cottage or lake house as a second home, the Disbergers have the world.”


Best Cheap Cities

Itineraries on

Cheap Flights to Europe this Fall

Arthur Frommer notes that the poor Euro-zone economy is driving down package prices to certain European destinations this fall.


Travel Aspirations: World’s Most Detailed Working Miniature Airport

If you ever fly in to Hamburg, Germany, make sure to check out the fully functional miniature airport inside the real airport. It was built by the same Miniatur Wunderland organization that maintains the largest model train attraction of its kind in the world in Hamburg (must-see video link). To say that that the mini-airport is impressive is an understatement. It took over 6 years and $4.8 million dollars to complete. Jet engines whine, computer controlled vehicles move about, Jetways dock with planes, planes take off and land and passengers appear to walk around the terminals. The attention to detail is impressive, with all the lights and sounds you would expect to see in a real airport—there are even skid marks on the tarmac.

Miniatur Wunderland Website

Miniatur Wonderland

Miniatur Airport Video


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