Tech Review • June 7-11 2012

MacBook Pro Screen Gorgeous • iOS 6 Passbook • IPv6 Day • Wattpad Ebook Site raises $17.3M  • RebelMouse is You • Silicon Valley Startup Absurdities •Facebook App Center •Big Data on Demand •HipSwap •Next Generation of Search •Windows 8, Google, Facebook and the Innovator’s Dilemma •Ubuntu, meet Azure •Flame Malware “World-Class” • Dish Network Gets It • Just One More: DIY Electronic Derailleur

New MacBook Pro Retina Screen is Gorgeous

That’s probably why engineers from our office headed straight over to the Apple store Monday morning.

iOS 6 Passbook Feature for Boarding passes, Movie tickets, more

Passbook, a new feature in iOS 6, consolidates  Boarding passes, Movie tickets, loyalty cards and mnore into one place.

The Verge

IPv6 Day

On June 6, 2011, major internet companies and other organizations ran the IPv6 protocol for 24 hours to show the feasibility of the switch from the old IPv4 protocol, which has already run out of available addresses in some regions, to the new IPv6 protocol. On June 6, 2012, major organizations permanently enabled IPv6. IPv4 and IPv6 will run in parallel for years to come, but the permanent enabling of IPv6 marks a major milestone in internet history. With 340 trillion, trillion, trillion addresses, there is no danger of running out of addresses again while the internet exists.

Internet Society

Free Ebook Startup Wattpad Raises $17.3M

$17.3 million is a lot of money for a startup round by any standard. Perhaps investors are so bullish because Wattpad’s eight million users are more engaged with their online community than even Pinterest users. Users develop their stories online, posting drafts and getting feedback that drives the creation of the final product.


RebelMouse is You

New Site RebelMouse Automatically builds your personal “Social Front Page”


Silicon Valley Startup Absurdities

Great Article in the Wall Street Journal about absurdities of the Silicon Valley startup culture, from the proposed TacoCopter drone delivery service to the successful iPoo social networking app for people sitting on toilets. To make a new company sound credible, you just need to pitch it with the right buzzwords. Currently those are “social,” “local” and “mobile,” or “SoLoMo” for short.  For help envisioning what app your next startup should launch, use to generate ideas.

Wall Street Journal

Facebook App Center

Facebook’s new app center gives users personalized recommendations for Android and iOS social apps they might like. This could be helpful to users if the apps are curated well. With so many apps available, finding high quality ones that meet users’ needs can be tough. Facebook isn’t monetizing the app center directly, but will benefit from increased usage of social apps that drive more Facebook engagement.

Ars Technica

Big Data on Demand

Startup Qubole is offering on-demand Hadoop access, accessible through the Hive framework/query language, which provides an interface traditional SQL data warehouse analysts will find familiar. This and similar offerings mean you don’t have to be part of a big organization to leverage big data.


HipSwap is Pinterest and Craigslist’s Love Child

If Pinterest bore Craigslist’s child, it would look a lot like HipSwap. HipSwap enables local marketplaces just like Craigslist, but with a decidedly more visual flair.


The Next Generation of Search

Interesting article at Ars on major changes Google and Microsoft have recently incorporated into their search engines. They extract data from unstructured information on webpages and create structured graphs of objects and relationships. To understand the power of the new architectures, imagine a film object and a DVD object. A query result returned in response to a search query about this week’s release of the DVD “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” might be generated starting from the “film distribution medium” entity that is the DVD, but could link to the original film entity for information on the director and cast.

Ars Technica

Windows 8 and the Innovator’s Dilemma

Interesting blog post applying Clayton Christensen’s Innovator’s Dilemma to Windows 8. Sometimes companies have to ignore the voice of the customer in order to succeed.

Tim Anderson’s ITWriting blog

Google, Facebook and the Innovator’s Dilemma

Microsoft is not the only company that has to deal with user unhappiness in the face of new designs. This article relates how Google and Facebook deal with users when they introduce user experience innovations.

The Globe and Mail

Ubuntu, meet Azure

Ubuntu Linux is coming to the Windows Azure cloud. Microsoft is a much different company that it was a decade ago.

Ars Technica

Flame Malware “World-Class”

Cryptography experts quoted by Ars Technica believe that the Flame malware that targeted Iranian computers was developed by world-class experts, most likely in the employ of a nation-state. It used an MD5 collision attack sign malicious code with a fraudulent certificate and spoofed the Windows Update mechanism to distribute the code.

  • Ars Technica
  • Wired: Interestingly Flame shares some code with the U.S./Israeli developed Stuxnet, leading researchers to hypothesize that they share a common origin.

The only Pay-TV Guy who Gets it

Unlike virtually all his Pay-TV company officer peers, Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen actually gets it. He explains that Dish is offering a new ad-skipping feature because the next generation of users will just use the internet to bypass distribution channels that force users to consume things they don’t want to.

Wall Street Journal

Just One More: DIY Electronic Derailleur

This DIY electronic derailleur enables more accurate shifting and automatic trimming—so no chain rub.  Another cool project based on an Arduino board.



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